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The San Antonio Local

Say Town! h0lla

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About the Community

This Community was made for the sole purpose of boredom relief. Or not. San Antonio is growing and so is the music scene, with local bands and what not. If you're into music, local or not this is the place to talk to peers around the area. This is just not for San Antonians, but for other local areas around S.A.

Not only is this for the music, but for entertainment. We wanna see our members and know what's going on once in a while. Post pics and things from time to time. We <3 our Pictur3 Wh0r3s.

Know a show coming up, or concert? Tell us about it and give us reviews on the bands/etc.
This is for peers to gather in their local area and just post crap.

About the Rules

1. We don't want any weirdos. I know this is for the scene, but old people creep me out, unless they're cool.
2. Don't post crap, like Blah Blah Blah. Oh, and remember you have a personal journal.
3. No Nudity. Haha I know teens are such pervs, but hey I want this to progress. Especially on the pics.
4. No dumbasses. Cruelty goes your way, if you're like that. I mean c'mon sometimes you deserve it. But being harsh on dumb posters shouldn't get to outta hand.
5. LJ-CUT people. I swear sometimes, some entries may get outta hand, like mighty long. If it's more than two paragraphs, Lj-Cut it.
Code is

6. Have fun? Cheesy eh?


Please, when you join, make an entry with a little bit about yourself. Picture is recommended, but hey we don't push it. Just tell us about yourself, and stuff.

About the Creator/Maintainer of the Community

Mark's just an all-around guy. Haha, not sexual wise. Into music and the local scene, so one evening he was bored and decided to make a community about this, thinking this may progress in time hopefully. markzerox